The mowing deck

Das Mähwerk (1) Grasshopper_1800_drive_9315_d1_130612

Versatile, robust and safe

The large diameter of the rotor prevents grass becoming caught up. The high wear-resistant qualities of the blades result in little wear. The blade system is insensitive to foreign objects as all the knives are mounted independently. The blades are suspended on the rotor via special hooks. They can be reversed or replaced without tools. A high quality cutting performance is achieved across the entire working width.

All important components are quickly and easily accessible, resulting in effective maintenance ensuring a long life span at minimum expense. Cleaning and maintenance operations can be performed quickly and easily.

  • The blades can be easily and quickly exchanged without using tools

Mähwerk (1) Fflügelmesser_lang_H77
H77 long wing blades
Mähwerk (2) Mähmesser
Cutting blades

Mähwerk (3) Fflügelmesser_H60
H60 wing blades
Mähwerk (4) Vertikutiermesser (2mm oder 3mm)
Scarifying blades (2 mm or 3 mm)

Mähwerk (5) Kombination_Mähmesser_Vertikutiermesser_
Combination of mowing blades & scarifying blades
Mähwerk (6) Kombination Flügelmesser lang H77 und Vertikutiermesser
Combination of H77 long wing blades & scarifying blades

Mähwerk (7) Kombination_Flügelmesser H60 und Vertikutiermesser
Combination of H60 wing blades and scarifying blades
Mähwerk (8) ctx ventiles H88 affutes
H88 extra-long sharpened wing blades

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