AMAZONE E+S, EK-S and ZA-XS spreaders

AMAZONE Streuer E+S, EK-S und ZA-XS (1) E-und-S_751_Deutz_dx_SDF_139_NEU_d1_181114

Spreading technology in perfection

With the E+S, EK-S and ZA-XS models, AMAZONE offers three high-class spreaders for the application of a vast array of differing spreading materials. Whether it is the E+S or EK-S for winter salt application, or the ZA-XS for road construction, it means that, for any application and any requirement, the right spreader is available. All these spreaders are characterised by their very robust and reliable design and guarantee a high degree of precision in the application of any type of granular spreading material.

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