Constantly on the road for Amazone: The sly old fox of farming: Hans Zens, factory representative for south-west Germany

Hans_Zens_mit_Carsten_Eimers_und_Mitarbeiter _001_d0_20200617
From left: Factory representative Hans Zens with Carsten Eimers and fellow employees

Hans Zens is a sly old fox who worked in the soil tillage and drilling technology divisions at the Rabewerk in Bad Essen for many years. Hans Zens has since become an Amazone soil tillage specialist for the south-west Germany region.

Initially he worked in the Rhineland, Rhineland-Palatinate and Luxembourg, but later also worked in the Netherlands and Belgium thanks to his proficiency in the Dutch language. He also operated in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Switzerland on occasions. Mr. Zens grew up on a farm in Kerpen-Blatzheim (North Rhine-Westphalia) and is therefore very familiar with the requirements of the agricultural sector.

Hans Zens had been working at Rabewerk since 1983 and has personally experienced the turbulent times of the various owners, but has acquired extensive specialist knowledge along the way. He now provides assistance for Amazone factory representatives and sales partners in all matters relating to soil tillage. His goal is to make each and every customer aware of the many advantages of Amazone ploughs, cultivators and compact disc harrows.

We wish him continued success and enjoyment in his future working life with his extended Amazone family.