Farewell to Dr. Große Scharmann


Dr. Große Scharmann was the manager of our plant in Hude and a member of the management team from 1961 to 1994. During these three decades, he developed the AMAZONE site in Hude from a small workshop with 50 employees into our largest subsidiary plant with more than 500 employees. He originally came from a farm in Senden near Münster and joined our company after his studies in mechanical engineering and his doctorate in engineering. One of his greatest inventions was the first seed drill combination, which was created by coupling an AMAZONE D4 seed drill with a PTO-driven reciprocating harrow. Such seed drill combinations are now standard worldwide. The reciprocating harrow subsequently became a rotary cultivator. Dr. Große Scharmann played a significant part in its development – in addition to numerous other innovations – and it still represents one of our most important products from the Hude factory today.

But he was not only an ingenious inventor, he was also an outstanding personality with integrity. He always managed to motivate his employees, to lead them to new goals and to create a constructive working atmosphere. He was very fond of the AMAZONE Hude company - it was "his works".

His guiding spirit is still preserved in Hude today. He died in January of this year shortly before reaching the age of 92. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr.Eng. Franz Große Scharmann and will cherish his memory.