100 years of SCHMOTZER history - Hoes are in demand once more


The SCHMOTZER company in Bad Windsheim was the first to recognise that hoeing cereals and other crops was useful. SCHMOTZER presented its first hoe in 1922, i.e. one hundred years ago. This was not only suitable for weed control but also prevented the evaporation of soil moisture by crumbling the surface.

SCHMOTZER'hoes quickly gained a good reputation and became real sales hits. Hoeing technology was soon perfected, and a large number of different models were offered. At its peak, this led to the development of a self-propelled tool carrier, which was christened the “Schmotzer Kombi". This was not only provided with the various hoeing tools, it could also be equipped with other agricultural machinery such as fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and seed drills. The "Schmotzer Kombi" was a bestseller, and many thousands were produced.

Later, hoeing went out of fashion somewhat and was replaced by chemical weed control. In the meantime, it has been recognised that the use of chemical agents should be reduced. As a result, Schmotzer is attracting attention once again and, with its one hundred years of experience in hoeing, is taking a leading position in the market.
SCHMOTZER Hacktechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been a wholly owned subsidiary of AMAZONEN-WERKE since 1 January 2019 and is working on the further development of professional solutions for the world market.

Reorganisation of the management

Together on the road to success: Dr. Rainer Resch and Thomas Bedenk

In view of the growing market in the area of hoeing, the internal demands on the company structures are increasing. In order to further develop the business, the management of SCHMOTZER Hacktechnik GmbH & Co. KG was supplemented by a second position as of 21.03.2022. 

Mr Thomas Bedenk will manage the business of SCHMOTZER Hacktechnik GmbH & Co. KG together with Dr. Rainer Resch. Dr. Rainer Resch continues to be responsible for the product range as well as design and development. Thomas Bedenk will take over responsibility for sales and (product) marketing, while also continuing in his role as product manager, which he has held since January 2020. Mr Bedenk brings a high level of practical relevance through his own organic farm and draws on many years of experience in the agricultural sector as well as knowledge from his work in the agrochemical and seed industry.