Avant 02 – seed drill combination with mounted front hopper

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Compact, flexible, high output

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Avant 02 seed drill combination with TwinTeC seeding system on ploughed land

The 2nd Generation 02 of the Avant seed drill combination consists of the FTender mounted front hopper, the new generation of active soil tillage, and the new TwinTeC seeding system. AMAZONE also offers the RoTeC single disc coulter, alongside the TwinTeC double disc coulter. The working width range extends from the rigid 3 m and 4 m, up to folding 4 m, 5 m and 6 m. The complete range will be available from 2023.

The soil tillage - new KG 02-2 rotary cultivator

The folding Avant 02 seed drill combinations include rotary cultivators from the latest generation in all working widths. The rigid Avant 02 seed rails can be mounted on the KE 02 rotary harrows or on the KX 01 or KG 01 rotary cultivators.

Avant 02 – seed drill combination with mounted front hopper

The folding rotary cultivator provides the basis for a perfect seed bed. 3.3 rotors per metre of working width till the soil intensively as well as thoroughly incorporating any organic matter during the mulch sowing process. The on-grip tines pull themselves down into the soil, even under the most difficult of conditions, so that the rotary cultivator can maintain its working depth, even in extremely hard soils. The spring-loaded side plates retain the soil in the machine. The side plates can be height-adjusted by using the standard universal tool. They can move to one side to avoid stones and other larger obstacles.

The height setting of the levelling board can be used to guide the soil flow and the intensity of the soil tillage. The seedbed is also levelled by the levelling board. The levelling board can be adjusted in height from each side using the universal operating tool. The levelling board is now guided by the roller, so that the tines of the levelling board do not need to be adjusted as the working depth varies. 

The wide range of following rollers includes, for example, the wedge ring roller, the wedge ring roller with matrix tyre profile, the tooth packer roller and the trapeze ring roller and so can provide the optimum reconsolidation on different soils.

Should the farmer want to drive using track markers, the seed rail can be equipped with twin markers. These track markers are then mounted on the soil tillage tool. This keeps the weight closer to the tractor and the intensity of mark is improved in field corners. The angle of attack of the marker discs can also be adjusted using the universal operating tool.

Rapid unfolding from 3 m transport width into the working position

Accurate seed placement with the TwinTeC seed coulters

The high-performance TwinTeC double disc coulter for neat and precise seed placement

The TwinTeC double disc coulters are mounted by the seed rail onto the active soil tillage tool with roller. The TwinTeC coulter is offered with a row spacing of 15 cm. The maintenance-free TwinTeC coulters run very smoothly through the soil at a coulter pressure of up to 60 kg/coulter and place the seed precisely. The working depth of the parallel-guided coulter can be adjusted independently of the coulter pressure. The placement depth is determined by the depth guidance rollers. The depth across all coulters is adjusted centrally from 0 to 6 cm. The adjustment of the placement depth is carried out once again using the universal operating tool. Depth setting is carried out centrally for the rigid Avant sowing combinations, and it is set separately on each wing for the folding execution. The exact setting can be read off on a scale.

Avant seed rail with RoTeC coulter

The universal RoTeC single disc coulter, reliable and precise in use, pushing drilling right up to the limits

RoTeC coulters are maintenance-free and work very reliably, even where large amounts of straw and plant residues prevail. The sowing disc and a furrow former create the seed furrow profile and provide optimum seed placement into the soil. The Control 10 depth guidance disc or the Control 25 depth guidance roller prevent the soil from sticking to the sowing disc, thereby ensuring that the pre-selected sowing depth is precisely maintained. The row spacing is 12.5 cm.

The mechanical or hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment allows very rapid and convenient reaction to varying soil conditions. The hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment enables the coulter pressure to be comfortably adjusted from the tractor cab. The coulter pressure setting is displayed to the driver on the ISOBUS terminal.

A harrow on the coulter ensures reliable seed coverage. The angle of attack of this spring-loaded tine harrow can be adjusted. It can be set aggressively for heavy soils and in trailing mode for areas where there are straw residues. The dragging up of straw residues is therefore avoided. If the harrow wears, it can be set to another one of 5 height positions. If it is not needed, it can be deactivated in the park position.

If a pre-cultivation just with the rotary cultivator is necessary on the headland, the coulters can also be completely lifted up using the hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment. This also makes perfect use of the rotary cultivator in the corners. The rotary cultivator with roller can also be uncoupled from the seed rail when needed for solo seedbed preparation.

Conveying system

Double transfer pipes with twin distribution heads on the Avant 6002-2

For the 3 m and 4 m Avant, the seed moves from the FTender mounted front hopper via a single transfer pipe to the segmented distribution head or heads. In the 5 m 6 m Avant, the same transport involves double transfer pipes. The distributor head is mounted directly above the coulters, resulting in a short and steep line of transfer between the distribution heads and the coulters. Electrical one-sided switching is also possible in the Avant.

ISOBUS machine control

AmaTron 4 with ISOBUS software for the Avant

The machine control of the Avant is by ISOBUS. The software has been developed internally by AMAZONE. It facilitates intuitive operation of the Avant. The easily-comprehensible symbols and freely--programmable buttons can be used to adapt the interface of the operating terminal to the requirements of the user. Control of the seed drill combination can be performed either by the AmaTron 4 or the AmaPad 2 ISOBUS terminals from AMAZONE, or by any other ISOBUS terminal from another manufacturer.

Additional transport chassis

Coupling the transport chassis in single person operation

AMAZONE offers an additional transport chassis for road transport of the Avant 5002-2 and 6002-2. The load is taken off the tractor when driving on the road and the travel comfort becomes more pleasant for the driver. The chassis makes it possible to drive the Avant legally on the road with most tractors and without exceeding the rear axle load limit. Coupling and uncoupling is a one-man operation. Safe locking facilitates operation from the left-hand side of the machine.