Certified camera system for monitoring cross traffic

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Safe and clear driving with the FTender front mounted transfer hopper or FT front tank


AMAZONE offers a solution for the FTender 1600 (without T-Pack F front tyre packer), the FT 1001 and FT 1502 front tanks and the self-contained FT-P 1502 front tank in the shape of the DLG-certified front camera monitor system. This enables safe use in road traffic despite the large dimensions of these front mounted implements.

The certified camera system on the FTender 1600 front mounted implement (without T-Pack F front tyre packer) ensures safety on the road

The legal situation in Germany 

Tractors with a front mounted implement which exceed a combined front dimension (distance from the centre of the steering wheel to the front edge of the front mounted implement) of more than 3.50 m have a highly restricted field of vision. This must be compensated for by suitable measures, in order not to pose a danger to other road users at blind field exits, yard exits and road junctions. This is regulated in the “Code of practice for mounted implements” with reference to the applicable StVZO [Road Traffic Licensing Regulations], and the use of an escort provided a practical solution in the past.

Options for dispensing with an escort are included in the draft of the German Transport Gazette on the use of certified camera-monitor systems for cross-traffic observation, which is ready for publication. The camera system from AMAZONE already meets the relevant requirements.

In Germany, an escort must be taken along or a certified camera monitor system must be used if the distance from the centre of the tractor steering wheel to the front edge of the front mounted implement exceeds 3.50 m.

The certified camera monitor system on the FT-P 1502 front mounted implement provides an optimum view of cross traffic without risky approaches to footpaths, cycle paths and road traffic.

Certified camera monitor system for a better overview and increased safety

Up to now, AMAZONE has offered a camera system which can be used on front mounted implements for cross-traffic monitoring, but it will not be possible to use it to replace the escort. In practice, this represents a significant expense and a permanent risk, as taking an additional person along as an escort requires a great deal of planning and cannot always be ensured.

FTender 1600 front tank with certified camera system

A DLG-certified camera system from AMAZONE is now available in Germany as an option for the FTender 1600 front tank without a T-Pack F front tyre packer as well as for the FT 1001, FT 1502 and FT-P 1502 front tanks. An installation report from an officially recognised expert is also required for this certified camera system. The installation of the camera system in conjunction with the tractor and the front mounted implement is checked in this appraisal. The two cameras are already pre-mounted on the left and right of the front mounted implement in conformance with the regulations and transmit their camera image to a clear monitor in the tractor cab without impairing the direct vision of the driver.

The cameras installed on the left and right of the front mounted implement make cross traffic visible at all times via the split monitor screen.
A split screen allows parallel viewing of the left and right cameras. The camera system can be coupled or uncoupled together with the front mounted implement via a plug for quick and uncomplicated use. 

No restricted visibility at crossroads or field exits

The new certified camera system from AMAZONE enables optimum monitoring of cross traffic when exiting fields or yards where the view is obscured. The driver therefore has a clear view of the traffic, which significantly reduces the risk of accidents in areas where visibility is poor. The use of the certified camera monitor system not only means that road safety is increased but that the dangers for the driver in moving traffic are also significantly reduced. 

The lateral field of vision can be covered by the use of devices for indirect vision (Field of vision B), e.g. a camera monitor system, in combination with the driver’s direct vision (Field of vision A).

The advantages at a glance: 

  • DLG-certified and approvable 
  • No additional person required as an escort 
  • Safe driving on the road due to the visibility of cross traffic 
  • The risk of accidents in areas with poor visibility is reduced 
  • Sealed, waterproof and dustproof