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Mechanical depth adjustment

The parallel guidance of the roller and the levelling board allows the very easy and independent setting of the working depth. By the simple repositioning of the eccentric pin, the working depth can be conveniently matched to the field and operational conditions.

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KX/KG hydraulic depth adjustment

The optionally available hydraulic depth adjustment for the KX/KG rotary cultivator offers the driver even more comfort and possibilities than before, as now, the levelling board is guided in parallel via the roller and so does not require any readjustment when changing the working depth.

If required, for instance when working deeper on the headland, the rotary cultivator can be comfortably and steplessly adjusted from the tractor cab. So any change in soil conditions can be directly responded to and the optimum quality of work maintained. 

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Tractor wheel mark eradicators

The optional tractor wheel track eradicators are useful on compaction-sensitive soils and for reduced working depths. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. The overload safety protection ensures a constant trip force. The narrow, diamond and wing shares are available as soil-engaging points.

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Levelling board

The levelling board levels the soil flow between the tines and the roller and presses obstacles downwards. With the universal operating tool, the height of the levelling board can be adjusted with ease.

The benefits: 

  • Independent height control parallel to the roller 
  • Integrated overload safety protection allows for upward evasion 
  • Optionally, the levelling board can also be left out
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Side plates

The side plates are spring-loaded. Thanks to their suspension, the side plates can be adjusted via a slotted hole and, when worn, be simply exchanged. The universal setting tool supplied as standard is all that is necessary to make any adjustments.

The benefits: 

  • Convenient depth adjustment 
  • The spring-loaded guidance makes upward evasion possible
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Universal setting tool – the tool for everything!

The universal setting tool is the ideal solution that avoids the transportation of and the troublesome searching for of more than one spanner. Irrespective of whether it is the soil tillage implement or the seed drill that is being set, the universal operating tool promises convenient operation.

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Track markers on the soil tillage implement

When using the optional track markers, we recommend mounting them directly on the implement. The forward-mounting position not only optimises the centre of gravity of the implement, but also allows them to be used for solo operation.

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Lights for road travel

The rotary cultivators meet all the requirements for safe transport on the road with front and rear lighting.

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