Patches of rank grass and thistles on the paddock should be mown off for optimum paddock use. Droppings must be removed at the same time, so that the paddocks remain neat and functional.

The HorseHopper from AMAZONE carries out these tasks comfortably and reliably.

A universal machine with a working width of 1.35 m to 2.10 m which can also be attached to a small tractor and does everything in a single pass: mowing, aerating, cutting and simultaneous collection of the cuttings and horse droppings.

The HorseHopper is equipped with wing blades and scarifying blades for the collection of wet cuttings mixed with horse droppings. The scarifying blades loosen the horse droppings from the turf. During mowing, the wing blades convey the horse droppings to the hopper together with the cuttings. The grass catcher can be emptied outside the paddocks by pulling a cable and the grass composted. The HorseHopper can be equipped with hydraulic emptying as an option.

Your horses will thank you for it! 


Your benefits at a glance

  • Collecting horse droppings
  • Mowing of rank grass patches and thistles
  • Mowing grass and collecting
  • Scarifying and collecting
  • Collecting leaves

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Pasture management with the Amazone Horsehopper and Profihopper

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