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Mounting or demounting – clever, simple and flexible

Thanks to the QuickLink quick release coupling system, the seed drill can be easily and quickly linked to the various AMAZONE soil tillage implements without the need for tools. In this way, optimised sowing combinations can be put together to cope with the most diverse of soils and applications

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QuickLink quick coupling system

Tillage equipment
KE rotary harrow 
KX rotary cultivator
KG rotary cultivator
CombiDisc compact disc harrow

Consolidation rollers
PW tooth packer roller
TRW trapezium roller
KW wedge ring roller
KWM wedge ring roller
with Matrix tyre profile

Drill options

Cataya gravity drill combination
Centaya pneumatic drill combination
Precea precision air seeder

Seedbed preparation

with KE rotary harrow, KX/KG rotary cultivator or CombiDisc compact disc harrow

KE rotary harrow and KX and KG rotary cultivators

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KG rotary cultivator

  • 2,5 m to 4 m working widths
  • Long-Life-Drive system – designed to withstand
    extreme loads and prolongs the service life
  • Quick + Safe System – the proven quick tine change
    system with integrated stone safety protection

CombiDisc compact disc harrow

Kompaktscheibenegge CombiDisc
CombiDisc compact disc harrow

  • 3 m working width
  • Easy to pull with operational speedsup to 15 km/h
  • 410 mm discs – serrated

Further machine details can be found here.

Reconsolidation rollers

Reconsolidation rollers - the right roller for any location

With various models of roller available, it is possible to specify a complete unit of soil tillage and drill that are perfectly matched to the prevailing soil conditions.

PW tooth packer roller/600 mm

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  • Excellent self-driving effect
  • Reconsolidation of the surface across the entire area

TRW trapezium roller/500 mm/600 mm


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  • Good carrying ability
  • Reconsolidation in strips

KW wedge ring roller/520 mm/580 mm

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  • Universal use in all soils and conditions
  • Reconsolidation in strips

KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile/600 mm

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  • Produces more fine soil for the seedbed
  • For an improved self-driving effect

AD gravity drill combination

The renowned classics

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  • A light and compact seed drill, which can also be used solo  
  • Centralised, infinitely adjustable coulter adjustment, either mechanically or hydraulically  
  • Perfect depth control of the RoTeC Control single disc coulters by the self-cleaning Control 10 depth guidance discs or the Control 25 depth guidance rollers  
  • Well-cleared seed furrow thanks to a reliable furrow former  
  • Good coverage of the seed with soil by the Exact harrow – even when mulch sowing!  
  • Easy accessibility of the seed hopper via the safe loading board  
  • ideal closure of the seed hopper via the dust-proof lid

Exact harrow

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The Exact harrow is used to cover the open seed furrows and to level out the soil; it works reliably, even if there are large amounts of straw about.

Roller harrow

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Rollen- und Schardruck unabhängig einstellbar.

The Roller harrow also presses down the soil above the seed furrow, thus creating optimal germination conditions. 

This is recommended especially for light, dry soils when sowing spring crops or rape.

RoTeC Control – the universal single disc coulter

For the AD and Cataya sowing combinations

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RoTeC Control – the universal single disc coulter

RoTeC Control coulters are maintenance-free. Even where large amounts of straw and trash prevail they won’t block up. The combination of the sowing disc on the one side and the
furrow former on the other create the perfect seed furrow and optimum seed depth control. The elastic polyurethane
cleaning disc also helps to create the seed furrow, accurately
controls the preset sowing depth and prevents soil from sticking to the sowing discs.

  • Reinforced support arm with a coulter pressure of up to 35 kg. Central coulter pressure adjustment.
  • Tool-free adjustment of sowing depth in 3 steps
  • Sowing disc Ø 320 mm made of boron steel, working angle of 7°, for smooth operation
    of the coulter.
  • 25 mm or 10 mm “Control” depth control and cleaning roller for even depth control.
  • Seed guide tube up to the furrow former for even seed placement.
  • Furrow former for a clean profile seed furrow.

The RoTeC coulter system: tried and tested 1,500,000 times over!

Further machine details can be found .

Cataya gravity drill combination

Precise and comfortable

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  • Maximum efficiency and quick, time-saving filling due to the large seed hopper
  • Bottom flap adjustment and calibration procedure via SmartCenter, calibration at the press of a button
  • New Precis metering system, for the exact metering and easy changeover from fine seed to normal seed via the shutter slide
  • Minimised residues thanks to the integrated discharge funnels – simple residual emptying and quick cleaning
  • Quick change of the track width and tramline width via the layshafts
  • Central setting of the sowing depth on the TwinTeC double disc coulter
  • Wear resistant and self-cleaning Control 10 depth guidance discs and Control 25 depth guidance rollers for setting the sowing depth on the RoTeC Control single disc coulter
  • Optional, comfortable and stepless coulter pressure adjustment from the tractor cab with easily-visible scales
  • Control of the drill either by the in-cab AmaDrill 2 terminal or via an ISOBUS-ready operating terminal

Precis metering system

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Precis metering system

The AMAZONE Precis metering system with integrated hopper inserts ensures minimum residual amounts and even sowing. The new ElectricDrive provides the metering system with an electric seed shaft drive. Easy switching from fine to normal seed via a slide.

SmartCenter for the Cataya

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SmartCenter for the Cataya

The new SmartCenter offers an extremely logical and simple layout of the most important settings. The machine can quickly be set up and calibrated centrally from the left-hand side.

TwinTeC – the precision double disc coulter

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TwinTeC – the precision double disc coulter

For the Cataya and Centaya sowing combinations

  • Adjustable harrow: the angle of attack is adjusted according
    to the level of straw residue.
  • Depth guidance rollers/press rollers: 50 or 65 mm wide (optional scarpers)
  • Internal scraper – optionally in a HD variant
  • Perfect parallelogram with the top link for central adjustment of the sowing depth from 0 to 6 cm
  • Centralised, 100 % independent adjustment of the placement depth and coulter pressure
  • TwinTeC mounted on rubber elements for shock absorption and cnetral adaption of the coulter pressure from 0 to 60 kg
  • Protective steel front plate
  • Spacer discs for adjustment to compensate for disc wear
  • Fastening of the discs in 5 locations with recessed Torx screws
  • No wear on the fixing discs
  • Maintenance-free bearings. No lubrication points on maintenance-free coulter
  • Double discs Ø 340 mm, angle of 10°, row spacing of 12,5 and 15 cm

Further machine details can be found here.

Centaya pneumatic seed drill combination

Maximum operational comfort

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  • Large, central and compact seed hopper with 1,600 l or 2,000 l hopper capacity – for higher work rates
  • Comfortable setting and calibration centrally from the left hand side of the machine via the SmartCenter; calibration at the touch of a button
  • The electric metering drive provides precise metering and easy calibration
  • High seed savings via electric half-side switching of the segmented distributor head
  • Easy realisation of asymmetrical tramlining rhythms thanks to the segmented distributor head
  • Compatible and mountable with the latest KX/KG 01 soil tillage generation
  • Central setting of the sowing depth on the TwinTeC double disc coulters
  • Wear-resistant and self-cleaning Control 10 depth guidance discs or Control 25 depth guidance rollers for setting the sowing depth on the RoTeC pro single disc coulters
  • Optional, comfortable and stepless coulter pressure adjustment from the tractor cab with easily-visible scales
  • Operation is possible via the AMAZONE AmaDrill 2 seed drill operator terminal or via an ISOBUS compatible terminal

ElectricDrive electric metering drive

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ElectricDrive electric metering drive

The electric metering drive is controlled by AmaDrill 2 in-cab terminal or an ISOBUS terminal of the customer’s choice. The calibration, in conjunction with the electric drive, is very comfortable and offers additional functions, such as, for example, pre-metering of the seed in field corners and the increase and decrease of the seed rate on the move.

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SmartCenter for the Centaya

SmartCenter for the Centaya

Via the SmartCenter, AMAZONE offers a very simple and clear layout of all the most important adjustments. The TwinTerminal allows fast and precise calibration directly on the machine.

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RoTeC pro – the maintenance-free single disc coulter

RoTeC pro – the maintenance-free single disc coulter

For the Centaya sowing combination

  • Tool-free adjustment of sowing depth in 4 steps
  • Exact harrow for excellent seed coverage
  • 400 mm Ø  sowing disc made of boron steel for a smooth run of the coulter
  • Reinforced support arm with a coulter pressure of up to 55 kg
  • Central coulter pressure adjustment
  • 25 mm or 10 mm "Control" depth control and cleaning roller for even depth control
  • Furrow former for a clean profile seed furrow
  • Seed guide tube down to the furrow former for even seed placement

Further machine details can be found here.

Precea precision air seeder

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Designed for precision without compromise!

  • Accurate seed placement due to excellent overpressure singling and short propulsion channel
  • Even spacing due to the catcher roller
  • Even field emergence due to the optimally shaped and reconsolidated seed furrow created by the furrow former
  • High work rates with working speeds of up to 15 km/h
  • Low lifting power requirements for the tractor due to the optimised centre of gravity
  • Accurate and active fertiliser metering in each row using the Precis individual fertiliser metering system
  • Simple and intuitive operation via ISOBUS
  • Comfortable and tool-free adjustment of the seed drill
  • Simple and tool-free exchange of the centralised singling disc, even with the seed hopper filled

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Precis fertiliser metering

Precis fertiliser metering
The electric fertiliser metering drive in the Precea Super ensures maximum convenience with maximum precision. The drive is perfectly matched to the in-cab terminal and the external TwinTerminal, thus working and adjustment are simple and convenient.

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FerTeC Twin double disc fertiliser coulter and PreTeC double disc sowing coulter
FerTeC Twin – the double disc fertiliser coulter
Smooth running, rugged and reliable

The high-capacity double disc coulter ensures clean and reliable placement. The double disc coulter runs smoothly and deposits the fertiliser in front of the PreTeC mulch coulter. The FerTeC Twin double disc fertiliser coulter is completely maintenance-free and fulfils the highest requirements.

PreTeC sowing coulter - all-round coulter system for any soil type

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PreTeC - The all-round coulter system for any soil type

The PreTeC sowing coulter system provides maximum precision as well as maximum output

  • FerTeC Twin double disc fertiliser coulter
  • Double disc sowing coulter
  • Catcher roller
  • Furrow closer fingers
  • V-press rollers

Further machine details can be found here.

AmaTron 4 – ISOBUS-Terminal

Manager 4 all

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Simple and convenient operation as intuitive as your tablet
The AmaTron 4 operator terminal, with its 8" multi-touch colour display, fulfils the highest demands of any end user. No matter whether via the cleverly designed operator elements (touch/12 backlit keys/3 one-touch keys) or via the intuitive operation in day or night mode, AmaTron 4 offers maximum user-friendliness. Via a finger swipe or via the App carousel, one quickly gets from application to application and to the clearly and simply structured operator terminal. The practical MiniView, a freely configurable status bar and also an integrated light bar make the use of AmaTron 4 especially clear and comfortable.

The benefits when drilling

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Variable rate application for the part-area site specific sowing

  • ISOBUS machine operation
  • Automatic part-width section control
  • AutoPoint – for optimum switching points on the headland
  • TramlineControl – automatic detection and actuation of the tramline for easier driving
  • Simulation of the headland
  • Automatic documentation of job-related data
  • Optimise the seed rate using application maps to better exploit the yield potential

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Automatic GPS-Switch part-area shut-off with Section Control

The electric half-side shut off control can be used to reduce the respective working width by half, in order to provide a significant reduction in the number of misses and overlaps in wedge shaped fields and on the headland. The two halves of the drill each correspond to one controllable part-width section.

Further machine details can be found here.

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