WindControl and ArgusTwin spread fan monitoring system

The ZA-TS mounted spreader is available with a tank capacity ranging from 1,400 l to 4,200 l and is equipped with the new TS spreader unit. The TS spreader unit provides working widths of up to 54 m together with excellent border spread patterns, meaning that the ISOBUS spreader ZA-TS is one of the best high output spreaders.

The reliable weighing technology, the AutoTS and ClickTS precise border spreading systems as well as the innovative ArgusTwin and WindControl technology and a large number of other options put the fertiliser spreader in a class of its own.


AutoTS border spreading system and HeadlandControl headland management

HeadlandControl headland management

HeadlandControl offers you optimum lateral distribution on the headland. When HeadlandControl is activated, the throwing width and spread rate are increased on the inner field side, so that the switch-off point is moved towards the inside of the field. The part-width section control is adapted to the shape of the spread fan and causes the part-width sections to be switched off from the outside to the inside when entering the headland. The tractor can follow the tracks of the sprayer yet still achieve optimum lateral distribution. The result: crops across the headland are more uniform.

Widening of the headland for
optimised switching of the part-width sections.
More uniform crops on the headland

AutoTS border spreading system

The disc-integrated AutoTS border spreading system enables the comfortable activation of various border spreading techniques, such as side, border or watercourse spreading, via the terminal in the tractor cab, irrespective of which side. Sharp cut-off border spread patterns are made possible, thereby creating optimum growing conditions right
up to the field boundary. The throwing distance of the fertiliser is limited by a shorter spreading vane, so that it is optimally distributed up to the field boundary without damaging the fertiliser.

In practice, the system offers the following advantages:

  • Increased yields compared with standard border spreading techniques
  • The optimum application in every border spreading situation from side, border and watercourse spreading

Proven precision! Up to 17 % additional yield around the field boundary – proved by field trials at the Wieselburg Innovation Farm

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Designing sustainably, acting responsibly

Sustainability is a much-used term today. At AMAZONE, we understand sustainability as "active responsibility for the future". This way of thinking determines our long-term actions. It is our aim to operate efficiently, precisely and in an environmentally...


Solar power systems

Our solar power systems enable us to use large roof areas to generate electricity for our own consumption.