MultiMap – part-area, site-specific application for any medium

AmaTron 4 provides the MultiMap function with the GPS-Maps&Doc software licence.

Since the soil conditions, water availability and therefore also the yield potential can sometimes vary greatly within a field, it makes sense to tailor seed and fertiliser rates to these conditions. MultiMap enables any medium to be regulated independently via application maps, so that it can be applied on a part-area, site-specific basis.

In addition to part-area, site-specific sowing and fertilisation, the coulter pressure can also be regulated depending on the soil quality on the basis of a soil texture maps. Variable soil conditions are compensated for and an even seed placement is obtained.

TwinTeC+ coulter pressure


The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Tailoring of seed rates, fertiliser rates and coulter pressure to individual part-areas
  • Increase in efficiency and exploitation of the natural yield potentials
  • Environmentally compatible and efficient use of inputs
  • Simultaneous processing of up to four application maps


Management of differences in soil type on a part-area, site-specific basis 

Fertilisation – ZA-TS mounted spreader

WindControl and ArgusTwin spread fan monitoring system & AutoTS border spreading system and HeadlandControl headland management

Plant protection – UX Super trailed sprayer

DirectInject direct feed system and AmaSelect individual nozzle control

Sowing – Cirrus trailed cultivator drill

Sowing without limits – MultiBin and MultiMap

Sowing – Precea precision air seeder

Precise switch on and off points for seed and MultiSwitch and MultiBoom

Soil tillage – Cobra trailed shallow cultivator

Shallow soil disturbance – Intensive mixing

Soil tillage – Teres mounted reversible plough

The plough as the initial plant protection measure

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