Crop protection technology


Precision goes boundary spreading

How accurate are the various boundary spreading systems in applying the correct rate to the field margin? To find out, the Austrian Innovation Farm put four different systems and techniques from Amazone through their paces.


Which is the ideal configuration for a fertiliser spreader – trailed or mounted?

Two ways of doing things right
There are two strategies for spreading fertiliser on a large scale – either using a trailed spreader complete with hopper or a self-propelled unit.


Spreading made easy and comfortable

The ZA-M is the classic model in the Amazone spreader range catering for all popular tramline systems and can spread from 10 to 36 metres. Last spring we had the opportunity to try out the new edition, the ZA-M 02 with EasySet 2 computer control.


Keep spreading in spite of the wind: ArgusTwin & WindControl

Automatically adjust the lateral distribution, compensate for side winds, make better use of those windows of opportunity: ArgusTwin and WindControl from Amazone can do just this. Two farmers report on their experiences of using the system.