Front tank

FT 1001 and FT 1502 front tank

The UF self-propelled sprayer with FT for even higher outputs
The FT front tank allows the tank capacity of the UF mounted field sprayer to be very easily extended by either 1,000 litres or 1,500 litres. Thanks to the optional FlowControl+ System and the compact design, the UF front tank is the ideal solution for increasing the overall capacity of the UF.

From mid-April to mid-May … 
… huge tulip fields light up North Holland. For targeted plant protection, tulip grower Siem Munster relies on a UF 2002 mounted sprayer and an FT 1001 front tank. The core characteristics of this combination are particularly important when working in his tulip crop: efficient, comfortable, compact and precise!

The advantages at a glance:

  • FlowControl+ intelligent fill level management – for optimum weight distribution
  • Improved driving stability on slopes due to the intelligent loading of the front axle
  • Very compact design thanks to front linkage – better manoeuvrability in the field and for a safer road transport

The special advantages offered of more manoeuvrable tractors with a mounted implement compared with trailed sprayers in smaller and more awkward shaped fields as well as the better behaviour on slopes are the major arguments for the front tank solution. 

But also in the 3,500-litre self-propelled sprayer class, a comfortable tractor equipped with a high-quality combination of mounted sprayer and front tank makes an interesting alternative.

Benefits over a self-propelled sprayer

  • Huge advantage on price 
  • 80 km/h permitted speed with Fastrac 
  • Tractor can also be used for other work

Benefits over a trailed sprayer 

  • Compact unit 
  • Less side crabbing on inclines 
  • Good ballasting of the front axle provides good driving stability on hilly terrain 
  • Faster manoeuvring on the headland and in short work 
  • More manoeuvrable in small fields 
  • Compact transport on narrow country lanes and through villages 
  • The front tank simultaneously serves as a front weight, thereby providing optimum balance to reduce the pressure on the soil
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Automatic regulation via FlowControl+

Operates just like using one large tank

Electronic fill level management
The special feature of the FT front tank is the complete integration of the front tank in the mounted sprayer liquid circuit using the FlowControl+ electronic fill level management via the ISOBUS terminal. The technological basis of FlowControl+ is the two electronic fill level indicators in the tanks and the two high capacity injectors. The transfer rate in each direction is up to 200 l/min. The liquid in both spray tanks is always ideally homogenised. 

The ISOBUS terminal automatically controls the liquid circuit, so that there is always an optimised weight distribution. Premature reduction of the load on the front axle is prevented. Depending on the fill level, new liquid is delivered from the front tank early enough so that the rear sprayer tank is never emptied before the front tank. The tank mix always remains homogeneous. 

The manual control also enables the transfer of just fresh water to the front tank. In practical terms, the FlowControl+ pump additionally assists the filling procedure so that a maximum suction capacity of up to 400 l/min is possible.

Complete, automated liquid flow with FlowControl+

Automatische Steuerung FlowControl+ (1) FLOWCONTROL FÜR MARKETING_mit_Nummern_2_CMS

  1. Operator terminal 
  2. High capacity injectors 
  3. Switch valves for injectors 
  4. Electronic fill level indicators 
  5. FlowControl+ pump 150 l/min 
  6. Internal cleaning 
  7. UF spray pump 
  8. Spray line
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Handling and in transport... superb

Sophisticated design for maximum safety
Be it on the farm or in the barn, the compact combination, carried on its transport wheels, stores easily away. The system’s simple handling is already convincing even after just a few hours in the field. The internal cleaning of the sprayer combination is carried out via the fresh water rinse tank on the UF. 

The additional 100 l capacity of the fresh water rinse tank allows the appropriate cleaning according to European guidelines (rinse tank capacity: min. 10 % of the tank volume). The well-thought out design of the FT means that hardly anything obstructs the view of the driver.
The AMAZONE FT complies with all the relevant EU traffic safety directives and standards. 

The optional road lighting kit is necessary in cases where the lights of the tractor are hidden. The hidden headlights of the tractor must be duplicated on the tractor
roof. The fitting on the front tank is not allowed.

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