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AMAZONE aircraft-style boom design

Due to the special profile design AMAZONE sprayer booms are very light yet at the same time very robust. The nozzle bodies with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure a tool-less quick nozzle change. For any operational use and any application rate the right nozzles are available, for example, for the optimum wetting, anti-drift or for liquid fertiliser use.

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3-fach stoßgedämpfte Aufhängung (1) UF1002_Case_d0_kw_P4279539_d2_200513

3-fold shock absorbed suspension for the most arduous of operational conditions

As standard, all AMAZONE booms are equipped with

  • springs and shock absorber pack for damping the vertical roll movements,
  • rubber buffer damping elements with ball suspension to damp down the horizontal yaw movements and 
  • tension springs for the shock absorbed suspension of the entire boom.

As standard also are hydraulic height adjustment and guide skids that results in the perfect boom guidance and thus, the accurate longitudinal and lateral distribution of the spray agent.

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Boom design to perfection

In hilly terrain and with large working widths, hydraulic tilt adjustment makes sense. The quick and precise tilting and return of the boom into the level position is possible via a tractor spool valve or via the electro-hydraulic functions in the ISOBUS terminal.

The AMAZONE Super-S series booms are JKI approved and comply to the highest European demands on crop protection implements!

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AMAZONE booms – an idea becomes reality

Compactness matters!
The machine is easy to carry due to the low centre of gravity and its light and robust design. The front axle weight load is lower than that of many competitors.

Drive safely!
The visibility in road transport is exemplary. Anywhere the tractor can go, the sprayer, with its narrow booms, goes as well. No protruding parts, no boom damage, minimal transport width.

Everything shipshape!
The boom locates safely in the transport hooks. No rattling. No susceptible wear on the boom pivots. High road speeds are not a problem.

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Clean working!
No spray agent dripping from the boom onto the tractor or the operator station, and the boom does not touch the tractor cab.

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Maintenance-free and with a long service life

The decades of experience in boom design pay off: The conical hinge pin is the intelligent centre of a well thought-out boom philosophy! The boom pivots self-adjust against any play on the conical hinge pins and that ensures, for the end user, an optimised boom function even after many years.

The standard use of stainless steel, the automotive-industry standard, cathodic dip painting process and the targeted use of plastics and aluminium are the perfect guarantee of a long service life.

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Q-Plus boom – 12 – 12.5 – 15 metres

The robust, entry-level boom

With the horizontally folded Q-Plus boom in working widths of 12 m, 12.5 m and 15 m, AMAZONE offers an entry-level boom that is second to none when it comes to quality and reliability. Folding in and out is hydraulic as standard, as are the boom height adjustment and one-sided folding in the left-hand direction of travel.

The benefits:

  • Super-stable and, at the same time, super-light 
  • 3-fold shock absorption
  • Hydraulic height adjustment as standard 
  • One-sided folding on the left-hand side as standard
  • Available with hydraulic tilt adjustment
  • The central hose guidance ensures a clean and kinkfree routing of all hoses and cables

Q-Plus-Gestänge (1)
Boom layout and folding variants of the Q-Plus boom for different working widths

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Super-S-Gestänge (1) Super_S2_Ausschnitt_pers_trans_d0_20161223

Super-S boom – The top-class boom from 15 to 24 metres

Super-S1 and S2 boom suspension

  1. Central pendulum point
  2. Spring damping system for reducing the horizontal swing movement
  3. Boom pendulum lock
  4. Spring damping system for reducing the vertical swing movement
  5. Joint orientated across the direction of travel

The 3-fold, shock-absorbed suspension, with hydraulic height adjustment and elastic boom height indicators, guides the Super-S boom safely over the crop at the right height.

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The comfortable, top-class boom in working widths up to 30 metres

The vertically folding Super-S boom is available in working widths from 15 m to 30 m. Due to the layout of the boom, there are only a few pivot points, which enables a quick folding and, more importantly, a transport width of just 2.40 metres. When equipped with Profi-fold electro-hydraulic boom actuation and DistanceControl height control, operation is made so much easier.

The Super-S boom is available as the Super-S1 from 15 m to 21 m and the Super-S2 from 15 m to 30 m.

The benefits:

  • Super-stable and, at the same time, super-light 
  • Super narrow transport width of just 2.40 m
  • 3-fold shock absorption
  • Hydraulic height adjustment as standard 
  • Expandable with fully automatic DistanceControl height control
  • Expandable with hydraulic tilt adjustment 
  • Expandable with end nozzle control
  • Expandable with Profi-fold electro-hydraulic boom actuation
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More than just the solid core: Profiles made from high tensile steel

What has been taken away from the boom in weight has been returned in output. The clever lightweight design makes use of the material where it makes sense. For instance, aluminium for weight reduction at the outer boom sections of the Super-S2 boom, but not however, in the middle of the boom. There, high tensile steel is necessary so that the boom is kept rigid and in line and so spray errors due to movement are prevented.

Mehr als nur ein harter Kern UF 02 UF2002_FT_Fendt_d0_kw_4150_frei_d2_190920_16_9_CMS

The Super-S2 boom is super-stable and, at the same time, super-light.

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Super-S1-Gestänge (2) UF1302_SuperS_d0_kw_P9304399_d2_191007

Super-S1 boom

15 – 18 – 21 metres

Due to the layout of the boom sections, there are only a few pivot points, which allows faster folding. The well-known robust profile construction of this execution also convinces. Despite the individual sections of the Super-S1 boom being 50 centimetres longer in comparison with the Super-S2 boom, the machine height comes to just 3.30 metres.

The Super-S1 boom, in working widths of 18 and 21 metres, can be easily reduced to 15 metres by folding in the outer boom section.

“The boom is so robust and, during our use of it, the boom ride was pleasantly smooth.”
(dlz agrar magazine – Field test UF 1201 “Super also in small widths” · 05/2016)

Super-S1-Gestänge (1) Super_S1_Gestänge

Boom layout and folding variants for the Super-S1 boom

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Super-S2-Gestänge UF 02 UF2002_d0_kw_3708_d2_191004_CMS

Super-S2 boom: 15 – 16 – 18 – 20 – 21 – 24 – 27 – 28 – 30 metres

Due to the shorter, individual sections, a machine height of just 2.90 m is achieved.

Super-S2-Gestänge (1) GESTAENGE_SUPER_S2_927939
Boom layout and folding variants of the Super-S2 boom for different working widths

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With maximum comfort and even more precision

Pre-select fold:

Independent folding is possible via either the AmaSpray+ in-cab terminal or an ISOBUS terminals via the tractor spool valves.

Profi-fold – flexible and comfortable

As an option for all Super-S booms, AMAZONE offers the Profi-fold electro-hydraulic actuation system. All hydraulic functions can be performed reliably and easily from the cab via ProfiClick. The multi-function joystick makes handling particularly comfortable.

Profi-fold 1:
Height adjustment, folding in/out, one-sided independent fold at reduced speeds (max. 6 km/h), boom width reduction, tilt adjustment.

  1. Booms folded out
  2. Booms on sloping ground
  3. Working width slightly reduced
  4. Working width further reduced
  5. Boom independent, one sided folding Caution! Forward speeds only up to 6 km/h
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DistanceControl with 2 sensors or DistanceControl plus with 4 sensors

AMAZONE offers for Super-L booms, either DistanceControl fully automated boom control with 2 sensors or DistanceControl plus with 4 sensors on the Pantera self-propelled sprayer. In heavily differing crop heights, or in areas with partially lodged corn, it could be that the boom, when equipped with 2 sensors, dips into the crop. In this case equipping the boom with four sensors will prevent this. The sensors are electrically connected in parallel and so it is always the sensor that is closest to the target surface that is sensing.

The driver is able to concentrate on correctly applying the plant protection agent, whilst the computer optimises the boom guidance!

Benefits of the DistanceControl boom guidance:

  • Fully automatic boom guidance including height guidance, tilt adjustment and boom lifting on the headland

DistanceControl (1) Distance_Control_1
DistanceControl when equipped with two sensors: Measuring to the crop
DistanceControl (2) Distance_Control_2
DistanceControl when equipped with two sensors: The boom can dip into the crop, for example, where there is lodged corn

  1. Ultra-sound sensors
  2. Angle sensors

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ContourControl boom guidance

For the UF 1602 and 2002 with boom working widths from 27 m

The AMAZONE ContourControl active boom guidance is a ground-breaking, fully automatic hydraulic boom guidance system which can now also be used for mounted sprayers. The boom tilt is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder which is pre-pressurised on both sides. Rapidly switching hydraulic valves bring the boom to the desired position. This actively reduces any of the various effects caused by uneven ground and other influences while driving. The cylinders for positive and negative angling of the two outer ends of the boom are controlled using the same principle. This allows the boom to follow highly uneven topography in order to maintain an optimal distance to the target surface across the entire working width, even on extremely hilly terrain.

The standard, electro-hydraulic Flex-fold mechanism of the boom with ContourControl controls each pivot point on the boom separately. This allows the boom to be folded out to a reduced working width from the tractor cab. The overload protection within the hydraulic system is simultaneously used as break back protection when working at these reduced working widths. The individual control of the hydraulic cylinders at the pivot points allows up to two segments to be folded out at a time on each side of the boom. This considerably reduces the down time when folding the boom in and out.

  1. One-sided independent fold
  2. One-sided positive angling on the right (Flex-fold)
  3. Simultaneous positive angling (Flex-fold)
  4. Simultaneous negative angling (Flex-fold)

Gestängeführung ContourControl (1) UF02_Grafik_eins.Klappung_d2_211109.CMS

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LED individual nozzle lighting

Professional work lighting is today the basis of a flexible, output-increasing solution to operating in twilight and at night. LED individual nozzle lighting picks out each individual spray fan. An absolutely immediate assessment of their operation down to the very last nozzle on the boom can be made.

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LED boom lighting for Super-S booms

For flexible and efficient operation at twilight and in the dark, LED boom lighting is available.

Two far-reaching LED work lights, mounted in the middle of the boom, ensure excellent visibility of all the nozzles at a glance.

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