Highly-efficient row spraying at the press of a button to reduce the use of plant protection agents

AmaSelect Row – precise band spraying for a reduction in the use of plant protection agents
The AmaSelect individual nozzle control and the optional AmaSelect Row function enable row-specific band spraying with a standard AMAZONE crop protection sprayer. At the touch of a button on the ISOBUS terminal in the tractor cab, it is possible to switch between band and full-width spraying and significantly reduce the use of plant protection agents by up to 65 %. Band applications in crops with a 50 cm row spacing (e.g. sugar beet) can be implemented very easily without any further retooling. Band applications can also be carried out with a 75 cm row spacing in potatoes, maize and carrots by means of the extension kit with a 25 cm nozzle spacing. In addition to band application in the row, application between the rows is possible, in order to reduce the amount of herbicide applied in this respect.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Extended range of applications for the crop protection sprayer
  • Highly efficient band spraying in row crops – and all at the touch of a button
  • High operating comfort with an integrated filling menu with fill quantity calculation
  • No time-consuming conversion work required, just a change of nozzles
  • Reduction in the use of plant protection agents by up to 65 % depending on the row width and stage of development


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AmaSelect Row: Uniquely flexible options for plant protection