Part-area, site-specific weed treatment based on spot application maps to reduce herbicide use

Processing of the spot application map in AmaPad 2

Weeds are spread heterogeneously over the field and can often be found in patches or in strip distribution patterns which alternate with largely weed-free field areas. Part-area, site-specific weed control enables measures to be tailored to the weed distribution situations within the field. This allows a significant reduction in the use of herbicides without having to accept a reduction in the control success.

In combination with the AmaSelect individual nozzle control, AmaSelect Spot enables AMAZONE to offer part-area, site-specific weed treatment based on highly accurate spot application maps. The field to be treated is first flown over with a drone for this purpose.

Artificial intelligence differentiates between the crop and the weed to be treated. The resulting spot application map, together with a standard AMAZONE crop protection sprayer and AmaSelect individual nozzle control, enables high-precision spraying of the analysed weed spots. Herbicide is therefore only applied where it is really needed.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Precise spot application on the weeds in a field reduces the use of plant protection agents by up to 80% depending on the weed cover
  • Prevention of resistance problems caused by under-dosing
  • No residual amounts due to precise planning of the application rate
  • Protection of the environment through reduced herbicide use


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DroneWerkers is a provider from the Netherlands that creates the spot maps. The fields to be treated are flown over with drones and then analysed by means of artificial intelligence, in order to create a spot application map.