High-precision, sensor-controlled nozzle switching system for part-area, site-specific plant protection – green-on-brown detection

The AmaSpot sensor nozzle system makes it possible to dispense with full-area total herbicide treatment and to treat only the part-areas where weeds or volunteer grains are actually present. This results in enormous input savings and improved performance.

Special GreenSense fluorescence sensors located on the boom of the UX AmaSpot identify target plants by their chlorophyll fluorescence. This allows green plants to be distinguished from bare soil. The interaction of these sensors, nozzle switching and nozzles with pulse width frequency modulation (PWFM) enables pesticides such as glyphosate to be applied with pinpoint accuracy. The sensors “scan” the ground in front of the sprayer boom and detect the areas where weeds or volunteer grains are present. The AmaSpot nozzles then treat these detected areas with plant protection agent with pinpoint accuracy.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Application of total herbicides exclusively to the target surfaces
  • Savings potential of 20% to 80 % compared with full-area treatment
  • Increased performance due to reduced filling times
  • Fluorescence measurement is highly tolerant of different light conditions and ensures reliable plant detection

AmaSpot in night-time operation