For precise and automatic switching in 50 cm part-width sections

AMAZONE offers two extremely precise solutions for 50 cm part-width section control in the form of AmaSwitch and AmaSelect. The overlap is significantly reduced with up to 85 % less overlap compared with conventional part-width section control. Depending on the field shape and size, the working width and number of part-width sections, the combination of GPS-Switch and individual nozzle control results in significant input savings compared with previously used crop protection technology.

AmaSwitch – the affordable alternative

AmaSwitch 3-fold nozzle body
The AmaSwitch electric individual nozzle control consists of a manually-operated triple or quad nozzle body. In addition to the automatic 50 cm part-width section, it is possible to freely configure the part-width sections.

AmaSelect – for versatile use

AmaSelect with quad nozzle body with LED individual nozzle lighting
The AmaSelect electric individual nozzle control consists of a 4-fold nozzle body with electric activation and deactivation and additional switch-over of the nozzles. In addition to the 50 cm part width section, the system offers electrical switching between the four nozzles via the operating terminal or even completely automatically. This offers the possibility, for instance when leaving the optimum pressure range of a nozzle, to switch on a second nozzle or to changeover to a larger nozzle. Furthermore, HeightSelect enables the target surface distance to be automatically adjusted depending on the active nozzle.

AmaSelect with quad nozzle body and extension set for a perfect 25 cm nozzle spacing
In addition to the 50 cm nozzle spacing, AmaSelect and AmaSwitch (quad nozzle body) can provide a 25 cm nozzle spacing. In combination with special 80 ° nozzles, this offers the advantage of reducing the target surface distance to less than 50 cm, thereby minimising drift during application. The driver can switch between 50 and 25 cm nozzle spacing during the application, e.g. from a coarse-droplet, low-drift 05 calibre nozzle for use at the field boundary to two fine-droplet 025 double flat fan nozzles for use inside the field, and vice versa.

The following practical advantages are provided by AmaSelect:

  • Optimum automatic adjustment of the nozzle size to variable forward speeds and application rates
  • Flexible switching of nozzles from the cab in variable weather conditions or between the field boundary and interior of the field
  • Time saving and more comfort for the driver
  • Wide range of applications

Calculated example:

Annual average overlaps of conventional part-width sections compared with 50 cm part-width sections in combination with Section Control.

The key findings from this field analysis

  • Average overlap with 50 cm part-width sections only 1.92 %
  • Average overlap with 9 part-width sections 7 %
  • Short payback period for large farms due to annual saving potential
  • Due to smaller field sizes, smaller farms save proportionally more
  • When growing crops with a high demand on crop protection (e.g. potatoes, beet), the 50 cm part-width section control is particularly cost-effective