» Disc bearing with life-long lubrication

The disc bearing with two-row angular roller bearings is sealed by a face seal. This reliably prevents the ingress of foreign bodies and oil leakage. The bearings are completely maintenance-free thanks to the oil bath filling.


» Disc types for every case

A wide selection of fully, finely and coarsely serrated discs is available, so that the machine can be tailored to the application. 3 different disc diameters enable the machine to be tailored even more precisely to the working environment.

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» Perfect contour following

Each concave disc can be individually adjusted to the ground contour thanks to the individual disc suspension using rubber spring elements. These maintenance-free rubber spring elements also serve as an overload safety device by allowing each individual disc to move upwards.


» Stepless working depth adjustment

Convenient and precise setting of the working depth from the driver's seat in all conditions using the optional hydraulic depth adjustment.


» A selection of rollers

A choice of 11 different depth control rollers makes it possible to obtain the desired reconsolidation and crumbling, depending on the type of soil. Trailing harrows are also available for perfect levelling.

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AMAZONE The right combination for any application!

Even more precise thanks to optional preliminary tools – the knife roller, crushboard, straw harrow or wheel mark eradicator.

CatrosXL 6003-2TS with knife roller and straw harrow

The straw harrow and knife roller - new preliminary tools for the AMAZONE compact disc harrows Catros 03, Catros+ 03 and CatrosXL 03. This optional equipment optimises the crushing and improves the distribution of crop residues and therefore for accelerating the decomposition process.

Compact disc harrows

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